Friday, October 9, 2009

#48: Don't Cha Go 'Way Mad

I must confess what you say is true
I had a rendezvous with somebody new

That's the only one I ever had

Baby, baby, don'cha go away mad

Cheatin' shows and it never goes

You got a reason to be mad I suppose

But she only was a passin' fad

Ba-by, don't you be mad

Her kind's a dime a dozen
And that's not the kind I want

Who'd ever dream your cousin
Would wander into that restaurant?

Composed by jazz saxophonists Illinois Jacquet and Jimmy Mundy, with lyrics written by Al Stillman, "Don'cha Go Away Mad" is just scandalous. "I had a rendezvous with somebody new?" "Your cousin?" Excuse me? Because all of the blase confessions, I love how the song swings non-chalantly. If you have bad news, best to pretend that it's no big deal. While Ella and Frank both recorded this song, check out Lucy Ann Polk's version.


  1. Great song; B3-Master Gene Ludwig had a terrific version on his "Hands On" CD;

  2. Great song. I think "akm" misunderstood the lyrics, however. Regardless, does anyone know what year the song was written?